Types of Memberships

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership shall be available to institutions, and university departments primarily engaged in post-graduate studies in management and/or in post-experience management development activities in business administration, public administration and other sectoral management areas.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership will be available to those not otherwise qualified but have interest in promoting management education and development.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership will be available to Organizations, Corporations and associations who are not entitled to Institutional membership but who have substantial interest and involve in management education and management development activities.

Reciprocal Membership

Reciprocal Membership will be available to Institutions with similar objectives outside South Asia as well as to associations which promote management education and development in other parts of the world.

Membership Benefits

  • The South Asian Journal of Management (SAJM), a quarterly priced publication of AMDISA is provided free of cost. SAJM is an International Journal indexed by ProQuest & EBSCO, USA.
  • Receiving the AMDISA Newsletter published triannually.
  • Invitations to AMDISA South Asian Management Forum held every alternate year.
  • Use of AMDISA Member Logo on member institution’s website and also on print and promotional literature.
  • Eligible to enter the AMDISA – South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS) programme for accreditation.
  • Advertising member institutions announcements on AMDISA’s website and in Conference Souvenir / Newsletter / SAJM for wider dissemination in South Asia.
  • Receiving announcements through mailers for Faculty Workshops, Institution Building Seminars and Academic Conferences as and when planned.
  • Receiving AMDISA publications, books and reports published from time to time.
  • Announcements to all International / National level Workshops / Forums organized by AMDISA either on its own or jointly with Member Institutions across the SAARC region.
  • Participation in member institutions important events such as National / International Workshops / Conferences displayed on AMDISA Website.
  • Promotion of respective member institution’s programs through an "AMDISA SUPPORTED PROGRAM" facility.

Membership Fees*

Institutional / Affiliate Membership

Period of Validity of Membership
Subscription Amount One time Admission Fee Total amount payable
(US $ ) (US $ ) (US $ )
1 year 100 100 200
3 years 250 100 350
5 years 400 100 500
Life Membership Subscription for 25 years 1500 100 1600

Corporate Membership

Period of Validity of Membership
Subscription Amount One time Admission Fee Total amount payable
(US $ ) (US $ ) (US $ )
1 year 500 100 600

*Note: Institutions from India applying for membership can pay the amount in INR at the prevailing rate of exchange. On request, an invoice will be supplied in INR for the amount.

Application Forms

*Descriptive Application of the nature of the activity together with filling up the relevant columns of the Institutional Membership Application Form.


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