Commemoration of 33rd SAARC Charter Day

Theme: "Opportunities for Mass Education in Management Studies"

On 8th December, 2017, AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad

AMDISA commemorated the 33rd anniversary of the Charter Day of SAARC on Friday, 8th December, 2017 at its Secretariat in Hyderabad.


Chief Guest, Prof. Ajit Rangnekar, former Dean, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, addressed the gathering on the very engaging topic “Opportunities for Mass Education in Management Studies”. In his address highlighted the phenomenal growth and evolution of the digital framework and how it would affect the future of the education. He pointed out the scope and extent of the information technology evolution affecting all spheres of activities and how this has also started impacting education. He mentioned that today it is possible for anyone at any level at any place to access any aspect of learning of interest to him/her through the web and that learning and knowledge was becoming interest-specific for which no formal learning process was necessary, as this could be done through the virtual world through interacting with the best possible experts in the field/ domain and benefit from the knowledge/ learning experience. He said that the advancement is so phenomenal that the whole structure of brick and mortar experience for learning would crumble as anything and everything about which anybody or anyone wants to know will be available on the web.

His presentation was followed by interactive session where participants from AMDISA’s network, invited academicians and other participants attended the session. The participants shared their assessments and fears/concerns on the emerging situation. Everyone agreed that the way things have changed/evolved in the last one decade has been phenomenal and things which were unthinkable about a decade ago are today practical in reality. A view emerged, while it is difficult to comprehend and move with the pace of development in technologies, nevertheless, we should try to keep abreast with the developments and be open to change to adapt to the evolving situations.

Mr. C. Ramakrishna, Executive Director, AMDISA, welcomed the Guests. Dr. S. Padam, Member, SAQS Committee, AMDISA, presented the Opening Remarks. Initiating the discussion on SAARC and the part played by AMDISA, Dr. Padam said that AMDISA was one of the more active bodies of SAARC and survived several visa hurdles for the last two decades. When neither India nor Pakistan was giving visas to each other’s citizens, AMDISA met in other member countries and continued to bring together management academics in its quest for cross-country collaboration and quality. He urged that in spite of visa difficulties, AMDISA should put pressure on India and Pakistan by nominating members on merit rather than easy access, if necessary by keeping reserve members. He was optimistic that nongovernmental collaboration will augur well for future, even in bringing reluctant countries together. Mr. T. Ganeswara Rao, Manager, MS &P, AMDISA, gave Vote of Thanks.


AMDISA is an international not-for-profit association. It is a network of Management Education and Management Development Institutions.

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