AMDISA's Quality Assurance Programme

World over, the accepted measure of quality assurance in education is voluntary accreditation. Voluntary Accreditation is a concept of self-regulation which focuses on self-study and evaluation and on the continuing improvement of educational quality. It is both a process and a result. As a process, it is a form of peer review in which an association of schools and colleges establishes sets of criteria and procedures. As a result, it is a form of certification granted by a recognized and authorized accrediting agency.

Consistent with the above, AMDISA as an international not-for-profit association has taken the initiative and evolved its Quality Assurance program - SAQS as a service to the management education profession worldwide. SAQS embodies a professional approach and is designed as an international accreditation system.

SAQS Highlights

  • AMDISA launched the global benchmark quality assurance and accreditation system for Business Schools - SAQS.
  • SAQS is the quality assurance scheme run by AMDISA as a service to the management education profession worldwide.
  • It is an international system of strategic audit and accreditation designed for the assessment of Institution in widely different national contexts.
  • It is a globally benchmarked system for Mentoring, Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance, Accreditation.
  • It mentors B-Schools for self-assessment and follow up.
  • SAQS processes lead to improvement through highlighting the need to meet internationally accepted quality standards.
  • SAQS Quality Label is a recognition to the institution's commitment to Quality and Quality Assurance through continuous improvement.
  • It is inspired by EQUIS criteria guidelines.
  • It is institutional. Institution being defined as the organisational unit providing business and management education.
  • It encourages B-Schools to undertake Institutional Assessment.
  • It involves Academics with strong track record as peer review experts.
  • It includes corporate / public system leaders in peer review exercise.
  • It respects diversity and context.
  • It is the initiative of an international not-for -profit professional body, AMDISA.

SAQS has positioned itself as Quality Assurance System representing the highest standard of achievement for management schools. AMDISA believes that Institutions that earn Quality Assurance, confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review of institutional mission and its alignment, faculty capability, and composition, curricula quality, admission and delivery system, research and executive education, pursuing regional and global network promoting connections with corporate world and making its contribution to community having appropriate academic and physical infrastructure. AMDISA certification is the hallmark of excellence in management education, comparable to best schools anywhere in the world.




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