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Learnings from Life

These architects popularized the open office. Now they say 'the open office is dead'

Clive Wilkinson Architects championed open offices for big companies such as Google and Microsoft. Now, as the pandemic has led to a massive overhaul of work life, they envision something completely different....Read More

Source: Post on shared by TradeBriefs through email - 22nd April, 2021

How to Pitch Your Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less

Use these three strategies to quickly grab your audience's attention....Read More

Source: Post on through email - 20th April, 2021

Don't Underestimate the Power of a Walk

When I think about the simplest and most strategic thing I am able to do for myself that's Covid-safe, it's walking....Read More

Source: Post on Harvard Business Review shared by TradeBriefs through email - 16th March, 2021

The Science of "Sleeping on It"

Experts say if you want to harness sleep's problem-solving powers to the fullest, think about your dilemma just before bed

Thomas Edison appreciated a good midday snooze, and the great inventor's quirky napping routine has become legend. By most accounts, Edison liked to settle into a comfortable chair with a ball bearing in each hand, and metal pie pans at his feet. After dozing for a while, Edison's hands would relax and the ball bearings would clatter into the pans, waking him up....Read More

Source: Post on shared by TradeBriefs through email - 14th March, 2021

On Humility...

Cricketer Rahul Dravid Was Honoured With a Doctorate Degree By The University Of Bangalore, Which Rahul Dravid Gracefully Returned. ...Not Only Did He Give Back The Degree, But He Also Gave A Wonderful Speech; He Said "My Wife Is A Doctor, She Has Spent Countless, Sleepless Nights And Days To Get This Degree."

"My Mother Is A Professor Of Arts, She Has Waited A Long Fifty Years For Her Degree With Perseverance. I Worked Hard To Play Cricket, But I Didn't Study That Much , So How Come I Accept This Degree?"

Einstein Was offered the Prime Ministership by The Israeli Government in 1952. Einstein Politely Said, "I Am An Inexperienced Student Of Physics. What Do I Understand About The Governance and Administration of a State !!!

Grigori Perelman, The Russian World-renowned Mathematician, Returned the Field Medals in 2006 and a large Sum of Money, Regarded as the Equivalent of Nobel Prize in the Field Of Mathematics

He said

We Had a Poverty Driven Childhood in Our Family

We had to manage in a very calculative manner to save mother's earnings. May be, that's the reason why I was able to develop a little skill in mathematics since childhood

Since that phase of poverty is not there anymore in my life, what do I do with so much of money?" Seeing the humility of these people, one has to bow down in respect

These humble and down to earth people remind us over and over again that being humble does not mean one gets less dignified in the eyes of the society, rather it portrays in them a much larger than life image

As there is a saying 'Sky is the limit for humility while there is no limit at all to stoop down to any level.

Source: Prof. (Dr.) Biswajeet Pattanayak, President, ASBM University, Bhubaneswar on WhatsApp - 15th February, 2021


Overthinking can take many forms: endlessly deliberating when making a decision (and then questioning the decision), attempting to read minds, trying to predict the future, reading into the smallest of details, etc. ...Read More

Source: TradeBriefs through email - 14th February, 2021

An Awe Inspiring Story...

"At 107, there's nothing I can't do! I wake up at 3 AM, go to my farm before anyone did, after a
...Read More

Source: Vasanth Jeyapaul on Linkedn - 12th February, 2021

Course to success: Coursera's CEO on the value of lifelong learning

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of online education provider Coursera, knows what it is like to put his professional life on pause.

In 2015, Maggioncalda took a break from working in financial services and ended up traveling the world with his wife for two- and-a-half years, spending four weeks at a time in South Africa, China, Southeast Asia and more. ...Read More

Source: Reuters, New York by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan - 5th February, 2021


1. Harvard Researchers Say This Mindset Matters Most: Follow the Rule of 3 Questions to Be More Likable

Three simple questions, vastly improved conversational outcomes. ...Read More

Source: Post on through email - 20th April, 2021

2. Our Brain Typically Overlooks This Brilliant Problem-Solving Strategy

People often limit their creativity by continually adding new features to a design rather than removing existing ones

For generations, the standard way to learn how to ride a bicycle was with training wheels or a tricycle. But in recent years, many parents have opted to train their kids with balance bikes, pedalless two-wheelers that enable children to develop the coordination needed for bicycling - a skill that is not as easily acquired with an extra set of wheels. ...Read More

Source: Post on shared by TradeBriefs through email - 12th April, 2021


1. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Define Success the Exact Same Way. Here It Is

In a heartfelt shareholder's letter -- his last as Amazon CEO -- Bezos offers advice that Musk would agree with....Read More

Source: Post on through email - 20th April, 2021

2. In His Final Shareholder Letter, Jeff Bezos Explains a Profoundly Simple Lesson Most Leaders Overlook

Bezos explains why your goal should be to 'create value,' and how to do exactly that....Read More

Source: Post on through email - 17th April, 2021

3. Mission Impossible

Elon Musk is someone who dreams big. Traveling around the world anywhere in one hour, hyperloop underground travel, reusable rockets, those are some big ideas. Compared with those big ideas, Tesla feels like a child's play. The society needs someone who thinks big.
...Read More

Source: Post on LinkedIn by Xinjin Zhao - 10th April, 2021

4. This Is the Sign of a Great Thinker, According to Jeff Bezos and Adam Grant

Great thinkers don't just harbor doubt. They embrace uncertainty--and how little they really know. ...Read More

Source: Post on through email - 30th March, 2021

5. The Three Keys to Becoming a Leader Who Makes History

After decades studying the world's most effective leaders, Fawn Weaver relies on these truths while running the fastest-growing independent whiskey brand in U.S. history....Read More

Source: Post on - 18th March, 2021

6. What Leadership Needs in the Decade Ahead

It's impossible to predict the future, but I believe we can use pattern recognition to help anticipate a paradigm shift of leadership. You may be surprised to find that what are leadership buzzwords or widely accepted ways of doing business today most likely won't be in ten years from now. So, what will? How do you begin preparing for a shift in leadership with an eye toward the future? Looking ahead, what will business owners and entrepreneurs need to successfully navigate this next decade? ...Read More

Source: Post on shared by TradeBriefs through email - 14th March, 2021

7. Amazon's Leadership Principles

Without internet connection due to snowstorm Uri last weekend, I was able to take the opportunity finish reading the newly published book by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr, Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon. The two veteran Amazonian detailed the Amazon growth story but more importantly about how leaders in Amazon including Jeff Bezos made business decisions based on their leadership principles....Read More

Source: Newsletter on LinkedIn by Xinjin Zhao - 27th February, 2021

8. Leadership and Decision Making

"Jeff Bezos just announced that he would step down as the CEO of Amazon. I thought I would share the letter from Jeff Bezos to Amazon employees when he made his announcement this week.

One thing strikes me the most about the letter is the list of 'inventions' Bezos mentioned in his letter."
...Read More

Source: Newsletter on LinkedIn by Xinjin Zhao - 5th February, 2021


The 3 Best Books Bill Gates Has Read Lately

Bill Gates just can't stop recommending books. Several times a year the Microsoft founder-turned-philanthropist takes to his blog to share his favorite recent reads, but even when he's supposedly promoting his own book, Gates just keeps plumping for other authors.
...Read More

Source: Post on through email - 30th March, 2021


1. From US to India, 200+ Entrepreneurs Look Up To This Delhi Woman as Their 'Guru'

Arjita Sethi, a Delhi-based serial entrepreneur, cracked the Silicon Valley code with her edtech startup Equally in San Francisco. Today, she runs two other ventures, New Founder School and Indiarath, which helps startup founders find their way. ...Read More

Source: Post on shared by TradeBriefs through email - 29th March, 2021

2. Vita Coco Won the Coconut Water Wars, but an Old Rival Is Planning a New Battle

For almost a decade, Mike Rampolla was out of the game.

In 2004, Rampolla founded coconut water brand Zico, launching one of the more underrated business rivalries of the decade against Michael Kirban's coconut water brand, Vita Coco. Both companies launched in the same year, in New York City, and quickly began knocking off each other's strategies. The two brands--and founders--found themselves constantly going toe to toe, eventually becoming the top two companies in a U.S. market now worth $1.2 billion.

After nine years, Rampolla fulfilled a dream he'd held since the very beginning by selling his company to beverage giant Coca-Cola. Then, two things happened. First, Zico's sales slid under Coke's ownership for years until last October when word finally leaked that the company planned to discontinue the coconut water brand. And second, oddly enough, shortly after the sale went public, Kirban and Rampolla became real-life friends.

It's a new development in an old rivalry reignited: On New Year's Eve, Rampolla closed a deal to re-purchase Zico from Coke and re-engage in the coconut water business. Read our story to learn how Rampolla's return could mark the greatest challenge of both entrepreneurs' careers. ...Read More

Source: Post on through email - 18th March, 2021

3. 11 Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Jeff Bezos's Tremendous Success

As the Amazon founder exits the CEO role, he leaves his successor a set of rules that might be helpful to any entrepreneur bent on conquering the known universe....Read More

Source: Post on - 18th March, 2021

Management Education & Management Development - Articles shared on public platforms

1. Warren Buffett: People Who Ignore These 13 Words of Advice Will Probably Make Bad Decisions

Recently, I came across a short quote from one of Warren Buffett's old shareholder letters, as part of the process of updating my free e-book Warren Buffett Predicts the Future ...Read More

Source: Post on through email - 16th March, 2021

2. Google's 7-Step Process to Delegating Tasks That Any Manager Can Use

The best Google managers empower their teams and do not micromanage.

This idea came in at No. 2 on Google's top 10 list of effective manager traits. If you haven't heard the story, Google in an effort to prove that bosses weren't necessary, ended up finding the exact opposite -- managers not only matter, but they can significantly influence the performance of their teams. But they didn't stop there. After realizing that managers were important, they embarked on a quest to uncover all the behaviors that made some more effective than others. The initiative became known as Project Oxygen. ...Read More

Source: Post on shared by TradeBriefs through email - 14th March, 2021

3. Crowdfunding: Be a part of India's fast-emerging powerful form of social investing

In 1885, when the Statue of Liberty was shipped from France to America in pieces, the US was unable to raise funds for its pedestal. But thanks to a newspaper campaign and small donations by 160,000 donors, the base was finally built - through one of the country's first major 'crowdfunding' projects, albeit the fancy term didn't exist then. Modern crowdfunding, interestingly, is often traced to an internet campaign in 1996-97 by British Rock band Marillion. The band's fans raised $60,000 to sponsor their US tour. The success of the campaign laid the foundation for platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter in the US....Read More

Source: Times of India, New Delhi by Pallavi Chakravorty - 5th February, 2021




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